To thrive in the competitive market today, small business owners normally need to hire qualified and professional consultants. Consultancy services exist for virtually every area imaginable in the operations of a small business. Depending on need, a business owner may hire the services of any of the 5 major consultancy services common today.


Accountancy and bookkeeping consultancy

A business may have to hire accounting and bookkeeping consulting services to help with financial information. Consultants in this area are equipped with knowledge on how to provide specific accounting services including handling of payroll, invoicing, payment of bills, harmonization of the company’s books, and taxation among other key accountancy services. They are equipped with various accounting tech tools, including accounting software that generally boosts the accuracy and speed with which services can be provided.

Information and technology services

A small business may also hire consultants to provide information and technology services. These services range from installation of IT equipment such as computers, internet connectivity, cloud computing services, and other hardware necessary to facilitate computerization. Other services provided under IT consultancy includes the development and running websites, social media platforms, and digital marketing solutions.

Human resource consultancy

Consultancy services in the area of human resources and management help small businesses harness and manage their resources. Consultants can help with recruiting, training, company restructuring, and other HR needs. Developing a great HR strategy with a consultant can create better working environments and save a small business money in the long run.

Marketing consultancy services

Business marketing consultants provide a small business with an opportunity to employ proactive marketing strategies that are targeted at improving sales. Depending on the business needs, marketing consultancy services provide a range of marketing solutions including digital marketing which encompasses social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and general targeted marketing strategies. This helps to promote the business and reach a variety of markets.

Legal consultancy services

It’s always a good idea to have a legal consultant on retainer to help a small business navigate difficult legal situations. Legal consultancy can help with regular lawsuits, preparation of business documents franchise agreements, trademarking, and intellectual property rights processing. Many small business attorneys are generalists, but if you need more specific help there are specialized legal consultants as well.