Generally, consultants are defined as someone who is hired for their expertise. A consultant’s main focus is to produce specific goals for a company or to manifest crucial changes for growth. Since nearly every type of company has these needs, careers in the consulting industry reflect that diversity.


Human Resources Consultant

The focus for this type of consulting is in all aspects of the workforce from basic training classes, enforcing company policy and procedure, to resolving employee conflicts. Because the HR consultant deals with such a wide range of human relations, most positions offer a salary beginning in the high five-figure range.

IT Consultant

Any successful business today knows that it must meet the rapidly changing aspects of business technology to remain competitive. In this role, the consultant could be asked to analyze an entire software system or work on a smaller scale to implement an IT system for a specific project. In all cases, the need has doubled to an nearly $400 billion-dollar consulting industry where most consultants earn no less than six-figure starting salaries.

Environmental Consultant

With the ever-growing need for companies to address how their production affects the climate, environmental consulting is growing each year. Understanding regulations put on companies to limit damaging the environment is the mainstay in this area of consulting. This is so companies can ensure they are complying with the imposed regulations at all levels of government. This position pays in the mid to high five-figures, but it is a consulting position that is in greater demand than ever before.

Strategy Consultant

The sky is the limit when it comes to strategic consulting positions since the focus is on analyzing data as opposed to working with a particular type of business. This means a strategic consultant could work on projects ranging from governmental, economic, environmental, production-based, or analyzing aspects of a company’s management structure. So, this is the most lucrative of any consulting career since it is the most diverse in the scope of projects that a consultant would be asked to lend their expertise on. It would not be unusual to garner a salary of more than six figures if a consultant could bring a prove record of success with them to the project.