As many highly-skilled and knowledgeable workers edge closer to retirement, many don’t want the next generation of workers who will step into their shoes to lose the insight they’ve gained from years of hard work. Many turn to consulting as a way to educate as many people as possible so their knowledge isn’t lost and other workers can benefit. 

Many younger professionals are also taking the leap into consulting as a way to be remembered. As of 2017, self-help books began to become more and more prominent, so much so that by 2018, over 1 million had been published. While books are trending now, consulting can make even more of an impact. Nothing quite beats the face-to-face interaction and training a skilled professional can provide. Use the tips below to get started on a career in consultancy where you can reach hundreds, thousands, or even more to share your wealth of knowledge.

Leave Out the Boring Bits

When starting a consulting business, gaining clients is your first priority. They don’t usually request minute, nitty-gritty details. Keep your points short and simple, but to the point. Show them how you can add value, but don’t bore them with technical talk that may not directly apply to them. Show them you’re the expert, that you’re present, and can handle whatever they throw at you. 

Follow Your Strengths

What are the skills you possess that others find difficult but you can do in your sleep? Lead with those. Companies and clients delegate tasks they cannot easily do themselves. Lead with stories of how you’ve helped people in similar situations and how you’re the absolute best at what you do. The clients and jobs will follow. 

Don’t Expect Instant Success

Growing a business and network takes time. While you may have waves of work and consultancy jobs, there will also be times when your jobs are few and far between. Just like any other business endeavor, this is completely normal. Set realistic goals and work towards completing them. Keep setting your sights higher and achieve them in a realistic time frame. This way, you will create quality work instead of just mediocre content.

Build a Network

Whether your network consists of fellow entrepreneurs who can introduce you to potential clients or skilled workers you can learn something from, networking is critical to success. Your marketing campaigns are a great way to get new clients, but face to face interaction should never be overlooked. Treat every new person you meet with enthusiasm and discover something you both can learn from each other. Everyone has something of value to share which can be applied to your business growth.